A box of AL MADINA sukkary dates
A box of AL Madina Sokari dates
Sokkari dates
Sokkari dates
Sukkary dates
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Al Madinah Sukkary Dates Alqassim Natural Grown fruit 2Lbs

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“People in a house without dates are in a state of hunger.” - Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).

Have you ever tried the sweetest type of dates? Hop on! We are going to Saudi Arabia!

Sukkary (Sukkari, Sokari) dates: are the golden, soft crust and sweetest dates you’ll ever have!

These fresh yellow or golden brown dates will blow your tasting buds! Originated from “al-Qasim” region aka The “food basket” of KSA.

Fill your mouth with a traditional Middle Eastern dessert that is renowned for its finesse and amazing taste! As gulf people usually prefer to have them on the month of “Ramadan”.

Our gluten-free and non-GMO organic dates are a natural way to treat yourself and to sweeten the lives of those you love. Eat them alone or use them in your favorite recipes to bring a healthy dose of flavor and variety to your table.

Here are some ideas on how to enjoy them: Eat them as a snack, sprinkle them on top of oatmeal or yogurt. Add them to salads, blend them into smoothies, or make date balls for a healthy dessert. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to sweeten your tooth!

These amazing fresh dates come in a solid package to ensure you'll get a soft and fresh taste but never dry or stiff ones.

  • Natural Sweetness Dates: Sukkary Dates (al-Qasim) Intense & Wonderful Natural Sweetness. Creamy, Caramel-like flavor. Considered as the Sweetest Variety of Dates. Al Medina Dates contain a high amount of dietary fibers, and minerals necessary for a healthy body, such as potassium and magnesium, and the equivalent of three dates, one serving of fruit.
  • Blessed and natural fruits: AlMadinah dates are excellent, natural and rich in nutritional supplements that provide energy for activities. Distinctive taste from the finest dates in the city that are carefully selected from nature. Sourced Good from Saudi Arabia through the year. You can use dates to make easy-to-eat ajwa or add it to milk to increase its nutritional value.
  • 100% Natural Contents: No Artificial Colors, flavors or Preservatives. Sourced Good from Saudi Arabia through the year. Sukkary dates originate from Al-Qassim region in Saudi Arabia.
  • Distinctive and different taste: AlMadinah dates are distinguished by their size, distinctive shape, soft texture, they are delicious and tender. They are rich and do not contain any preservative materials. Also, they are delicious, good and healthy.
  • Rich in vitamins: Cholesterol free and sodium free and deliver a quick energy boost, the sweetest of the date varieties and the healthiest snack choice. . Our promise is that you will always receive good and juicy dates, never dry ones.

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