ALTAHAN Maamoul Shortbreads that are filled with dates and Saffron 12 Wrapped Pieces
ALTAHAN Maamoul Shortbreads Cookies
Maamoul Cookies aka Shortbreads
Mamool Cookies
Mamoul cookies
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ALTAHAN Maamoul Dates Filled with Saffron 12 Pieces 1KG

$4.99 USD

Looking for some tasty biscuit cookies at well price?

Don’t worry, we got ya!

Al Tahan Egyptian Maamoul are a fresh, middle eastern biscuit cookies. A little dry, but so are Fig Newtons from the Grocery Store too.

Our Maamoul cookies are easy to eat and generous by having Saffron stuffed with much dates filling inside!

If you loved Fig Newtons, you will definitely like these too. Not too sweet with the sugar, but a good pleasing taste for a sweet tooth!

Enjoy sharing a soft and delicate cookies with your family, that are nicely packed individually for each one to ensure they never arrive broken or smashed.

Try to have them as an individual pieces or alongside some choice liquid, like hot tea/coffee, or hot/cold milk. You’ll be amazed at how delicious these cookies are!

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