ALKARAMAH Samboosah Dough Sheets, Sambosah, Sambosa, Samosa, Samosas with Oil 500g
2 Pieces of ALKARAMAH Samboosah, Samosa
2 Pieces of ALKARAMAH Samosas with filling inside
Some pieces of ALKARAMAH Sambosah, Sambosa along with a tomato
3 Pieces of ALKARAMAH Samosa Dough with toppings
2 Pieces of ALKARAMAH Samboosah Dough with toppings
A case of 24 Packs of ALKARAMAH Samosa Dough, 500g per Each
A case of 24 Packs of ALKARAMAH Frozen Samosa Dough, 500g per Each
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Alkaramah Sambosa Dough Sheets Samosa with Oil 500g

$5.99 USD

Why you charge for overpriced stale samosa at restaurants while there’s a way to save your money and get your own fresh appetizers at home?

Put away your passport! While we know you don't have to travel to middle east to enjoy these popular pastry snacks!

Al-Karamah Sambosah (Samosa, Sambosa) leaves are thin a little-oily dough sheets cut into stripes. The stripes are used to be stuffed with a variety of filling like meat, chicken, vegetables, sauce or cheese.. etc.

A flavorful traditional middle eastern family treats that you can snack & share alongside meals or as individuals.

The package is perfectly sealed to ensure they always stay fresh and not dry!

Now prepare your restaurant version at home as easy peasy while saving your money:

simply put your fav filling, pop them in the oven or air fryer for some minutes and you are ready to go!

Hurry up, “Add to Cart“ today & Take the crispy way to the Arabian oasis!