A Pack of Alkhair Karak Tea with Ginger
Front view of a pack of Alkhair Karak tea with Ginger
Cups filled with Alkhair Karak tea with Ginger
Mugs of Alkhair Karak tea
Cups of Alkhair Karak tea
A Cup of Alkhair Karak tea with ginger
Side view of a pack of Alkhair Karak tea with Ginger
Side view of a pack of Alkhair Karak tea with Ginger
A cup of Alkhair Karak tea along with ginger
A photo declares to order a case of Alkhair Instant karak with ginger
  • SKU: alkhair-karak-tea-ginger-180g

Alkhair Instant Karak Tea with Ginger 180gm 12 Sachets

$11.25 USD

Alkhair Emoji Karak tea is a premix tea with distinctive flavors but this one contains Ginger that comes in a pack of 12 sachets. Our Karak chai tea powder mix is sort of instant black tea with ginger for a creamy and delicious taste. In addition to milk tea powder mix that makes it perfect for making a quick and flavorful chai latte K-cups. Chai tea powder that dissolves easily without waiting for too long! A decaf chai concentrate which is considered as a healthy choice for a balanced life style and light caffeine taste seekers.

Generally, Karak tea is Indian tea, is made with a blend of fermented black tea leaves, ginger and spices such as black pepper, cardamon, cinnamon, fennel and cloves.

Natural ingredients:

Instant Black tea, Milk Powder, Coffee creamer and Ginger Extract.

Easy PREP:

Empty the sachet into a cup of boiling water, stir well and Enjoy the taste!

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