Best Harvest Spices Palestinian Coffee Medium 200g
Palestinian Coffee Best Harvest Medium Roast 200g
Arabic Palestinian Coffee 200g
Fresh Premium Quality Palestinian Coffee Medium Roast 200g
Best Harvest Palestinian Arabic Coffee 200g
Best Harvest Cardamom Palestinian Medium Roast Nutrition Facts 200g
Arabic Cardamom Coffee Best Harvest Medium Roast 200g
Original Palestinian Medium Roast Cardamom Coffee Best Harvest 200g
BH Palestinian Cardamom Coffee Medium Roast 200g
Medium Roast Arabic Coffee Palestinian Cardamom Coffee 200g
Medium Ground Coffee with Cardamom From Palestine Nutrition facts 200g
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Best Harvest Spices Palestinian Coffee Medium 200g

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A very intense aromatic smell, as well as a bit of bitter taste. A very good choice for its price.

Key Features:

Authentic Palestinian flavor that represents the rich and diverse coffee culture of Palestine.

Rich and flavorful coffee blend with a medium roast that is perfect for coffee lovers who prefer a stronger brew.

All-natural ingredients that are free from artificial additives and preservatives, making it a healthy and wholesome choice.

Health benefits such as improved energy levelsmental alertness, and antioxidant properties.

Handpicked coffee beans from the mountains of Palestine and carefully roasted to perfection for the highest quality and freshest taste.