Delisia Sliced Cake Snacks Coconut Coco 397g 14oz
Sliced Cake Coconut Coco 397g 14oz
Delisia Sliced Cake Coconut Coco cake 397G 14oz
Delisia Snack Cakes for Tea and Coffee
Delisia Sliced Cakes Bars Coconut-Coco 397G 14oz
Delisia Snack Cakes for Breakfast with Coffee and Tea
Delisia Cakes Slices Coconut Coco 397G 14oz
  • SKU: sliced-cake-coconut-14oz

Delisia Sliced Cake Snacks Coconut Coco 397g 14oz

$4.29 USD

There's always a reason to celebrate. Birthdays, anniversaries, or simply a treat after a family meal. Cakes makes everything more special. Enjoy soft, moist, and sweet goodness in cakes that melt in your mouth! Delisia cakes are the nice slices for a tasty breakfast or coffee time treat, only at a very good price!

They are fresh, just the right kind of sweetness, and perfect with your coffee and chocolate milk.

Perfectly sealed and family-size, they came in an attractive yellow color and an amazing coconut flavor. They are the perfect size for a little extra gift for one or two people. Have them in school, on the go, work, or add them as an addition to your children launch box!

Basically, they are:
Perfect serving size.
Well packaged.

Eat, enjoy, and present to your children.

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