Diana Jalapenos Tortilla Chips 3.84oz
Diana Jalapenos Chips 3.84oz
A bag of Diana Jalapenos Chips 3.84oz
Diana Jalapenos Tortilla Chips Nutrition Facts 3.84oz
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Diana Jalapenos Tortilla Chips 3.84oz

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What are Jalapeno chips?

They are deliciously baked chips that are packed with the flavor of real jalapeños, ready for your enjoyment! 
Most of the chips are yellow-orange, but some are even more orange thanks to the added cheese powder. Diana corn Tortilla Chips with Jalapeno pepper is the largest source of carbohydrates in tropical countries of Asia and Africa, and a popular snack in many Southeast Asian countries.


  • Enjoy the wonderful taste of Diana corn tortilla chips with jalapeno peppers Much of the flavor contained in the chips comes from the flavor of the jalapeno pepper that young and old love.
  • Diana corn tortilla chips can be served with jalapeno peppers along with meals or as a snack, preferably while watching movies with family or friends.
  • Serve it with friends and family. Diana corn and corn tortilla chips can be enjoyed with jalapeno peppers on trips and barbecues.
  • Diana corn tortilla chips and jalapeno peppers are placed in airtight bags that are easy to carry everywhere, enjoy the distinct taste of these wonderful chips every bite is worth a try.
  • Diana corn tortilla chips with jalapeno peppers are crunchy and rich in the flavor of jalapeno peppers, and can be eaten at any time. They are delicious and satisfy your hunger, and meet expectations.

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