A bag of Diana Yucatekas vinegar hot chilli pepper flavored yucca chips
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Salty Yucca chips
Yucatekas yuca chips hot chilli pepper flavored
24 Bags of Diana Yucatekas chips
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Diana Yucatekas Vinegar Hot Chili Pepper Yucca Chips 2.29Oz

$2.49 USD

Diana Yukatekas (vinegar and chili flavored). A popular snack in many Southeast Asian countries. In a nutshell: They are crispy, crunchy and salty snacks that are a healthy alternative to potato chips and made from cassava root.

Distinctive spicy chips for lovers of spicy flavors, an airtight bag that you can take with you everywhere, any time, especially in parties and trips.

Enjoy eating irresistible chips with vinegar; have them along with any spreads or sauce like salsa and guacamole.

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