EinStylo Expo E Learn English, Beginner Level, A2 Book
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EinStylo Expo E Learn English, Beginner Level, A2 Book

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Expo 'E' for learning English:
  • The Viewing and Speaking Syllabus (sound and picture) aims to enable the learner to develop his English Language skills to the desired level in order to compete in the work market and join the higher Education.
  • This syllabus has been developed in accordance with the basic criteria for teaching language according to the common European Framework Reference for Languages.
  • It rests on the two principles of teaching and evaluation, as well as dividing the teaching stages according to the level which the language learner desires to reach.
  • This syllabus has been divided to 6 levels, each level consists of two stages, the total number of books is twelve (12):
    • The learner can add hundreds of words to his Language vocabulary.
    • There are tens of reading texts with their translations.
    • There are tens of conversations in basic different fields which enable the learner to introduce himself, his family and others.
    • The learner can ask and answer questions about personal details like where he lives, where he works and where he is from.
    • Learning the suitable basic rules of this level.
    • Learning hundreds of words, which help to pronounce the words properly.
    • Hundreds of exercises which measure the level of understanding.
    • This series starts from the letters and the rules of pronunciation.