Alkhair Instant Arabic Saudi Coffee with Cardamom 12 Sachets
Alkhair Instant Saudi Arabia Coffee with Cardamom 12 Sachets 60g
Alkhair Instant Coffee from KSA with Cardamom 60g
  • SKU: alkhair-coffe-cardmom-12sachets-60g

Alkhair Instant Arabic Saudi Coffee with Cardamom 12 Sachets

$11.50 USD

Looking for instant that doesn't taste like instant? In a hurry or overslept and in need of something powerful to really wake you up?

We know that many people are horrified at the idea of instant coffee, but this is the best tasting instant you’ll ever have, and you’ll figure out why in seconds:

The Cardamom blend incorporated is mainly originated in KSA, that means that the coffee beans used are 100% Arabian coffee.

The rich Cardamom blend is Not bitter at all or taste like “instant” coffee, actually it’s better than K-cups and similar to coffee brew. The coffee aroma is breathtaking! So your friends will never know what type of coffee you are actually drinking!

The flavor is balanced, deep and rich that you’ll feel its greatness in the instant coffee space.

Much faster to make and drink than coffeepots: only as little as minutes to have your favorite coffee cup!

The powder dissolves properly in the coffee without sour/bad at the bottom that drowns out the coffee taste.

The packaging is well crafted and easier to open without making poof. Also, they came as individually wrapped pouches to share with you the happy moments anywhere you go!

Hurry up, “Add to Cart” today & take the instant way!

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