La Bayamesa Caribena Turron Coco y Leche Coconut Candy 6oz
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La Bayamesa Caribena Turron Coco y Leche Coconut Candy 6oz

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What is La Bayamesa's caribena turron coconut and milk candy?

La Bayamesa caribena turron coco y leche is a sweet, rich, and delicious coconut candy with a wonderful brown color and milk.

Eat it alone or add it to cakes or sweets. It tastes delicious and rich in the distinctive flavor of coconut that meets with every bite.

Where does La Bayamesa originate?

Since 1976, La Bayamesa Corp. has been leading the market with great Spanish products and originated in North Bergen, New Jersey. 

Key Features:

  • Delicious: a delicious dessert with a great taste and rich in vitamins.
  • Natural.
  • A wonderful addition to your own recipes.
  • Everyone loves it, and you can add it to all your special recipes that need this wonderful and 100% natural product.
  • Rich in pulp and vitamins, it is nutritious, beneficial to the body, facilitates intestinal movement, and facilitates the digestive process. 

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