Lam's Plantain Strips Sweet Maduro Banana Chips 2.1oz 60g
Some bags of Lams plantains chips sweet/maduro
Lams plantains strips sweet/maduro
Lams plantains strips sweet/maduro
Plantain strips
plantain strips sweet/maduro
24 Bags of Lams plantain strips
  • SKU: lam's-sweet-maduro-strips-2.1oz

Lam's Plantain Strips Sweet Maduro Banana Chips 2.1oz 60g

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Lam’s Foods Incorporated was founded in Guyana, South America. Since 1960, it has been family-owned and operated, producing noodles.

In an effort to participate in a broader market, Lam’s expanded its product line by adding exotic snacks such as plantain chips, cassava (yucca) chips, etc.

For over fifty years, the brand has guaranteed and represented quality and satisfaction.

Lam's Plantain Chips Strips Case of 24–2.25oz Packages:

  • Premium-quality plantain strips.
  • No trans fat.
  • No Cholesterol.
  • Cooked to perfection.
  • Ingredients: plantains and soybean oil.

All Lam's products are made fresh from the farm and never frozen. We always use the best ingredients possible.

We believe that the best chips come from high-quality ingredients.

Our products deliver amazing crisp chips in each bag packed with flavor.


  • Lamb plantain slices from touches of banana slices are delicious and crunchy, rich in wonderful banana flavor, great taste, and crunchy.

  • Lamb plantain strips are free of saturated and trans fats and come in a lightweight, sealed sachet that can be carried with you anywhere.

  • Lam's plantain chips are cholesterol-free, suitable for children and adults, and do not cause weight gain. Eat it now, as it makes you feel full while at work.

  • Banana slices, carefully cooked, can be eaten anytime and anywhere. They are delicious, and the delicious banana flavor is a wonderful taste that meets expectations.

  • Plantain strips are free of preservatives, so they are healthy and delicious, with the highest taste and quality for you. 

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