Lam's Yuca Cassava Strips Vegetable Plantain Chips 2.5oz 71g
Lam's Yuca or Cassava Strips are Trans Fat Free 2.5oz
Lam's Yuca Plantain Chips 2.5oz
Cholesterol free Cassava Plantain Chips for the Family 2.5oz
Lam's Yuca Strips that are Suitable for Diet, and Weight loss 2.5oz
Delicious and Crunchy Yuca or Cassava Strips 2.5oz
Yuca/Cassava Plantain Strips for a Balanced and Healthy Life Style 2.5oz
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Lam's Yuca Cassava Strips Vegetable Plantain Chips 2.5oz 71g

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What are Lam's Yuca or Cassava Strips?

Lam's Yuca/Cassava Strips are fresh organic yuca chips that are suitable for diets, sports, since they are trans fat and cholesterol free.

Where did Lam's originate?

Lam’s Foods Incorporated was founded in Guyana, South America.

Since 1960, it has been family-owned and operated, producing noodles.

In an effort to participate in a broader market, Lam’s expanded its product line by adding exotic snacks such as plantain chips, cassava (yucca) chips, etc.

For over fifty years, the brand has guaranteed and represented quality and satisfaction. Cassava chips are plant snacks; carefully bake cassava chips for the best taste ever.

Is cassava the same as yuca?

Yes, actually, cassava strips are called yuca sometimes.

Premium-quality Yuca (Cassava) Chips:

  • No trans fat.
  • No cholesterol.
  • Cooked to perfection.
  • Ingredients: yuca (cassava), soybean oil, and salt.

Is Yuca Cassava Strips healthy?

Yes, they are healthy as they are fried. Also, Lam's Yuca strips are great snacks for sharing.

Lam's Yuca Strips Features:

  • Enjoy the crunchy and delicious taste of Lam's cassava chips. Delicious, crunchy, and rich in the wonderful banana flavor.

  • Lam's cassava chips are free of saturated and trans fats, so they can be eaten because they are healthy, delicious, and special to eat and enjoy.

  • Lam's cassava chip is free of cholesterol, healthy, suitable for children and adults, and does not cause weight gain. Eat in moderation with friends and family and while watching movies.

  • Lam cassava chips are carefully cooked to perfection and can be eaten anytime and anywhere. They come in a light bag that is easy to carry all the time. The bag is transparent, and you can see the distinctive laws inside, which prompt you to eat them as soon as you see them in front of you with their distinctive flavors and wonderful taste.

  • Natural, safe, and healthy cassava chips.

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