Oven Delights Classic Croissant Buttery Fresh 85g 2.9oz
Oven Delights Breakfast Croissants with Coffee or Tea 85g 2.9oz
Fresh Croissant Buttery for Breakfast or Mornings 85g 2.9oz
Delicious Sweet Breakfast Croissants with Coffee 85g 2.9oz
Oven Delights Croissant with a Cup of Coffee 85g 2.9oz
Oven Delights Classic Croissants Nutrition Facts 85g 2.9oz
Fresh Buttery Classic Croissants for mornings and Breakfast 85g 2.9oz
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Oven Delights Classic Croissant Buttery Fresh 85g 2.9oz

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Since 1986, International Delights has been a leading bakery for croissants/ croissant fresh, pastries, and traditional baked goods for the most demanding New York Metropolitan customers.

Croissant oven delight having spent years perfecting our craft and catering to New York chefs, fine hoteliers, restaurateurs, and café owners, we were excited to extend our expertise with the convenience market.

In 2005 our uncompromising master bakers did just that by creating a perfect single-serve, individually wrapped croissant.

Since then, we have added a complete line of pastries and traditional baked goods available for national distribution-Oven Delights.


Wheat Flour Enriched (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Niacin, Reduced Iron, Thiamine, Mononitrate, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Water, Margarine (Palm Oil, Canola Oil, Water, Mono & Di glyceride, Salt, Citric Acid, vitamin A), Sugar, Butter, Non-Fat Milk Powder, Yeast, Salt, Wheat Gluten, Distilled Monoglyceride, DATEM, Calcium Propionate (to preserve freshness), Guar Gum.

Produced in a facility where wheat, milk, tree nuts, eggs and soy are used.
The result...layer upon layer of buttery, light deliciousness.
We strive to master and lead the art of the croissant.
We don't skip steps or ingredients; instead we seek out the finest ingredients and processes from around the world including our proprietary, natural, probiotic leavening process.
The result...layer upon layer of buttery, light deliciousness. (85g 2.9oz).

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