YAME Jelly Mixed Cups with Nata De Coco 700g 24.6 oz
Jelly Mixed Bags with Nata De Coco 700g 24.6 oz
Yame Jelly Cups for Parties, Events, and Gatherings 700g Bag
Jelly Cups with Nata De Coco 700g bag
Yame jelly fruit candy cups 700g bag with Nata De Coco
Jelly Cups Tiktok Candy with Nata De Coco 700g
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YAME Jelly Mixed Cups with Nata De Coco 700g 24.6 oz

$3.99 USD

Distinguished dessert with delicious natural flavors, YAME JELLY MIXED BAGS WITH NATA DE COCO are rich in distinct flavors such as watermelon, pineapple, strawberry, orange and other wonderful flavors.

YAME JELLY MIXED BAGS WITH NATA DE COCO with its wonderful colors and distinctive taste, loved by all kids and adults.

These amazing jelly candies melt in the mouth with every bite.

Jelly mixed flavor cups that are Light on the stomach and does not cause weight gain.

Suitable at all times.

Delicious yogurt jelly puddings, as well as delicious mango and cranberry flavors, all of these flavors and more in one package. Light and easy to carry anywhere.

YAME JELLY MIXED BAGS WITH NATA DE COCO Each piece is individually wrapped to ensure maximum hygienic storage time.

Keep in the refrigerator or in a dry place.

It should not be exposed to sunlight and poor storage to ensure it remains valid.

Net Weight :700g-24.6oz


  • Experience a mixture of different fruit flavors such as mango, grape, pineapple, apple and many other fun fruit flavors.
  • Enjoy the Soft texture, cool and delicious cups that melts in the mouth.

  • Refresh the taste and smell of your mouth with just one light, easy-to-swallow cup.
  • Explore the world with every piece and live the life you are meant to be!
  • Loved by all children and adults. Enjoy sharing it with them700g-24.6oz.

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