1 Pack of Yame Yogurt Pudding 6 Mixed Flavors Jelly cups
Yogurt 6 Mixed Flavors Jelly Cups
Soft, delicate, and easy to eat jelly cups for kids and adults
1 PC of 6 mixed flavored jelly cups
16 Packs of Yame Yogurt Pudding Jelly Cups
A pack of Yame yogurt pudding jelly cups
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Yame Yogurt Pudding 6 Mixed Flavors Jelly Cups 3.88oz 110g

$3.99 USD

Yame Pudding Mixed Flavors pudding, a delicious dessert wrapped in separate interconnected containers (including spoons).

Nice and practical so that you can enjoy candy anytime, anywhere.

This delicious pudding cup's pudding with a refreshing sweet flavor contains tiny gelatin cubes that have a wonderful coconut flavor, Enjoy pudding fruit jelly as a dessert or as a sweet, fruity snack.

Enjoy the wonderful taste that melts in the mouth loved by adults and children; it can be eaten anytime and anywhere fresh and delicious taste each separate taste takes you to the world of delicious pudding.

Pudding fruit jelly Mixed Flavor Pudding.

Mixed Flavors pudding pieces 6 cups: mango pudding / lycée pudding/Orange/ coconut / strawberry /Honey Melon. All have distinct flavors Enjoy every single piece rich fruit pudding for lovers of difference try it now for you and your children it is really wonderful and delicious.

The wonderful and delicious taste is what distinguishes our products Mixed Flavors pudding, enjoy eating every taste, it is really distinctive and melts in the mouth, the wonderful taste of delicious flavors makes you feel more desire to eat it.

In addition, children will love to eat it, enjoy me, imagine that one piece makes you feel happy, so the different flavors very special.

Product of Malaysia, Sweet Halal pudding 6 cup (3.88oz) (110g)


Small 6 cups distinctive taste: pudding soft dessert easy to eat for children and adults, small pudding cups, distinctive desserts with delicious natural flavors, enjoy separately.
6 different flavors: mix delicious fruit candy strawberry, orange, lycée and coconut delicious mango flavor and also delicious flavor honey melon, all these flavors and more in one package, light and easy to carry anywhere.
Tightly Encapsulated: Each piece of fruit jelly is individually wrapped to ensure maximum hygienic storage time. Keep in the refrigerator or in a dry place. It should not be exposed to sunlight and poor storage to ensure it remains valid.
Distinctive colors for a delicious and wonderful taste of pudding, with its wonderful colors and distinctive taste, loved by children and adults. The delicious pudding melts in the mouth with each bite.
Serve it to everyone: You can restrict Yame Pudding to your children or friends, or you can take it to relive your childhood days, we are a product that guarantees happiness when you eat it to enjoy now. (3.88oz/ (110g))