Zambos Plantain Chips Originals Ridged Chips 5.29 oz 150g
Plantain Chips Zambos Originals Ridged 5.29oz
Zambos Banana Chips Plantain Originals Ridged 5.29oz
Zamobs Ridged Chips Plantain Originals 5.29oz
Banana Chips Originals Premium Plantain 5.29oz
Zambos Originals Ridged Premium Plantain Chips 5.29oz Bags
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Zambos Plantain Chips Originals Ridged Chips 5.29 oz 150g

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Zambos Plantain Chips (originals) Ridged Premium Plantain chips are a delicious chips that takes you to your childhood, loved by adults and lads.

This distinctive flavor is new and worth trying!

Zambos (originals) ridged plantain chips are organic, Premium Plantain, crunchy, delicious and Ridged chips. Everyone loves to eat crackers at home while watching TV with family, or even with friends, or as a snack during trips.

Zambos (originals) Premium Plantain chips taste great if you are hungry or next to meals.

Zambos (originals) Premium Plantain chips Ridged have its Special and distinctive taste.

Zambos (originals) Premium Plantain chips are special in taste that every bite is worth a try. Plantain chips that are healthy and light.

Enjoy the crunchy and rich taste with the distinctive flavor, eat it now and enjoy the wonderful taste. Search for other foods from us and enjoy the delicious ingredients and flavors. We Carefully selected bananas then prepare it to get the best distinct flavor of all crunchy and wonderful banana slices.

Net Weight : (5.29oz. /150g)


  • Do you like the difference? To you, zambos plantain chips - Ridged: The wonderful and distinctive taste of zambos (originals), plantain chips organic excellent banana chips, a rich taste of various crunchy flavors, which can be served alongside meals or as a snack, preferably while watching movies with family or friends. Present it to them and enjoy this wonderful taste.
  • Plantain chips zambos: Enjoy the wonderful taste of zambos (originals) the plantain chips are luxurious, crunchy and delicious, young and old love it. It is very crunchy and full of distinctive flavors.
  • Light and easy to carry: You can also enjoy this product from zambos (originals), excellent Ridged plantain chips that can be enjoyed on trips and while barbecues, light and easy to carry anytime anywhere.
  • Different Banana Chips: Zambos (originals) Premium banana chips are worth a try, the wonderful and delicious crunch takes you to another world of taste.
  • Healthy plantain chips: Zambos (originals), luxurious banana chips rich in the distinctive flavor. Eat it now and enjoy the distinctive flavor. It is an excellent alternative to regular chips. A great and different taste that does not cause gaining weight. Eat it now and enjoy the distinctive flavor. (5.29 oz. /150g).

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