La Bayamesa COCO-LECHE- coconut milk Net Weight : 7.5 oz (212g)
La Bayamesa COCO-LECHE- coconut milk Net Weight : 7.5 oz (212g)
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La Bayamesa COCO-LECHE- coconut milk Net Weight : 7.5 oz (212g)

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Here's How You Can Enjoy The Most Delicious Gourmet Coconut Candy! Looking for a gourmet coconut candy snack pack? Want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a gluten-free gourmet candy bar? Do you like coconut candy bars? Introducing LA BAYAMESA Traditional Gourmet Coconut Milk Candy Box! If you like coconuts, milk, and sugar, then this is your lucky day! After generations of keeping this recipe a family secret, Rodrigo has decided to share it with every coconut-lover out there and help you and your loved ones enjoy the yummiest coconut snack ever.

His grandmother was the inspiration behind LA BAYAMESA cocoleche coconut snacks.

She was a talented cook who always added her secret ingredients in every recipe; a dash of passion and a pinch of love.

That's why Rodrigo decided to carry on his grandmother's tradition of baking the most mouth-watering coconut bars.

Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Will Love Our LA BAYAMESA cocoleche:Pure Simple Ingredients:

every premium candy bar contains 3 main ingredients; organic coconut, whole milk, and sugar. That's it. No artificial additives, no flavor enhancers, no preservatives.
Unique Flavor & Balance:

unlike all those soft and gooey coconut snacks, our gourmet leche de coco snack bar is crunchy on the outside and smooth on the inside - which will keep you wanting more! Individually Packed Freshness:

we prepare our coconut candy bars in small batches by hand and ship them out in individual, air-tight packets, which will keep all the freshness packed.
Net Weight : 7.5 oz (212g)