Al Khair Premium Arabic Ground Coffee with Cardamom 250g Bag
Al-Khair Cardamom Coffee Bag
Alkhair Arabica Ground Coffee
Ground cardamom coffee Alkhair 250g bag
Al Khair Arabic Ground Coffee Cardamom 250g bag coffee set
Cardamom Coffee Alkhair 250g bag
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Al Khair Premium Arabic Ground Coffee with Cardamom 250g

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Ground cardamom adds a delightful aroma and flavor to baked goods and savory dishes. Use our freshly ground cardamom in your daily Coffee K cups. Coffee ground has gained popularity for its convenience and bold flavor. The comb of ground coffee and cardamom creates a unique and irresistible taste! Ground coffee allows coffee lovers to enjoy the rich flavor without the jolt of caffeine. A cup of international coffee with its Low acid coffee grounds are a great option for those with sensitive stomachs or acid reflux. Enjoy the refined taste of gourmet coffee, complemented by a hint of cardamom for a touch of elegance. Our coffee shots are genuinely snap ebt eligible that supports your immune system with energy and power to finish your daily tasks.

Lightly roasted to ensure a sweet taste and a healthy choice for your family!

Please store the package in a refrigerator once opened.

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About this item

  • Al Khair arabic coffee mix with cardamom flavor and premium Arabic coffee is a symbol of generosity and hospitality among Arabs, the distinctive Arabic taste. Enjoy our Al-Khair coffee that are similar to hot cocoa k cups, if you are looking for a quick and delicious treat!
  • Al-Khair premium Arabic coffee with a mixture of distinctive cardamom, a wonderful taste, and a center rich in a distinctive flavor, Enjoy the distinctive aroma and taste of a wonderful mixture. Experience a touch of cardamom ground coffee.
  • A distinctive taste of Al Khair premium Arabic coffee mix with cardamom flavor, warm and refreshing. Cardamom beans consist of about 20% water, 10% protein, 2% fat, volatile oil content ranging from 2 to 8%, 42% sugars and 20% fiber, and having a cup in the morning or at work makes you able to complete today. easily prepare a rich and robust cup of espresso using your espresso machine or regular brewing.
  • Al Khair Arabic premium coffee with cardamom preparation put three tablespoons of coffee with the addition of boiling water. It is ready and distinguished with its luxurious Arabic taste; present it to your friends at tea parties and events. Create a comfortable environment with a bean bag of coffee, chill out and enjoy the taste of real Arabic coffee (Qahwa).
  • Al-Khair premium Arabic coffee with cardamom/ Arabic coffee cardamom is a mixture of the finest types of Hariri coffee with the addition of cardamom to immerse you and your guests in the wonderful taste of our distinctive plan, preferably stored in a dry place or in the refrigerator, away from food. An espresso powder for fans of hot chocolate k cups.
  • You could enhance the richness of your coffee using condensed milk. Feel the convenience of EBT eligible espresso K-cups, delivering a bold and intense coffee experience.