La Bayamesa Coco Blanco Coconut and Milk Candy 1.5oz
La Bayamesa Coco Blanco Individually Wrapped Candy, Premium Coconut & Milk Candy 1.5oz
  • SKU: labayamesa-coco-blanco-1case-6buckets-6x36oz

La Bayamesa Coco Blanco Coconut and Milk Candy 1.5oz

$143.94 USD

What is La Bayamesa's Coco Blanco Coconut and Milk Candy?

La bayamesa's coco blanco is an individually wrapped candy, typically features coconut mixed with sugar and milk to create a flavorful and chewy confection.

Where does La Bayamesa originate?

Since 1976, La Bayamesa Corp. has been leading the market with great Spanish products and has been initiated in North Bergen, New Jersey.

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