Mayte Maduritos Crunchy Sweet Plantain Chips Snacks 3oz 85g
Mayte Sweet Plantain Chips Snacks 3oz 85g
Mayte Maduritos Sweet Plantain Chips Snacks 3oz 85g
Sweet plantain chips Mayte maduritos banana chips 3oz
Delicious Mayte Crunchy Plantain Chips Snacks 3oz 85g
Banana Chips NON-GMO Gluten Free Plantain Chips 3oz
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Mayte Maduritos Crunchy Sweet Plantain Chips Snacks 3oz 85g

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Mayte Maduritos, are a delicious, Sweet banana chips for adults and boys.

A light airtight pouch and easy to carry everywhere, you can have it anytime and anywhere.

This distinctive flavor of Sweet banana is worth a try.

Mighty Plantain chips are crunchy and delicious, the wonderful Sweet flavor that explodes in the mouth for the lovers of distinctive Sweet flavors, everyone loves to eat crunchy at home while watching TV with family, or even with friends, or as a snack during trips and parties.

MAYTE plantain (Sweet banana chips) are great if you are hungry or with meals.

Might plantain (Sweet Banana Chips) have a special and distinct taste? Plantain Potato Flakes Every bite is worth trying and it meets your expectations.

Net Weight : 3oz (85g).

Key Features:

  • Mayte Maduritos Sweet Banana chips Sweet delicious, loved by young and old Delicious plantain chips with a touch of sweet that will give the sweet flavor that everyone’s like. Halloween chips individual packs are plantain banana chips unsweetened healthy snacks. 3oz (85g).

  • MAYTE plantain Sweet Banana chips it can be served alongside meals or as a snack and preferred while watching movies with family or friends. 3oz (85g).

  • Mayte Maduritos Sweet Banana chips it can be enjoyed on trips and during barbecues CRUNCHY CHIPS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: For Splitting with the Whole Family eats them as a snack. So, If you are looking for low-carb chips or a low sodium snacks, we highly recommend that you try our low calorie snacks, in order to control your calorie and sodium intake.

  • MAYTE plantain Sweet Banana chips snacks each bite is worth a try GREAT FOR SNACK: Enjoy Mayte Plantain Chips with lunch or as a snack, at home, work, with friends, or on the go. Non-perishable food options, consider stocking up on Halloween veggie chips for a nutritious and long-lasting snack!

  • Sweet Banana Mayte Maduritos chips Rich in distinctive Sweet banana flavor NOSTALGIC FLAVOR: Each bite will remind you of a piece of your childhood. Dried banana chips are a Mexican chips that are similar to sweet potato chips, but this time are plantain (banana chips).

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