DIANA Alboroto Caramel Corn Crunchy Sweet Snack 5.18oz
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Diana Alboroto Caramel Corn Crunchy Sweet Snack 5.18oz

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What is caramel corn?
Caramel corn is so common sweet snack, usually made by coating popped popcorn with a mixture of caramelized syrup or sugar. Thus, by heating sugar, butter, syrup, and sometimes vanilla. Blending all of them together until the blend reaches a caramel state, then pouring it over popped popcorn or even baking it briefly to crisp up the coating.

What is Diana Alborto Corn?
Diana Candy corn is a Mexican candy; a delightful sweet pantry caramel corn snacks. Considered as a nutritious snack packs of crunches of corn nuts that will surely satisfy your cravings. Distinctive low-calorie snacks, mixed nuts. Love corn nuts? Then, enjoy our roasted corn nuts that provide a crunchy and savory snacking experience. Discover the irresistible taste of our corn kernels and feel the taste of the amazing flavored nuts! Lightly roasted corn snacks, just to keep the balance of the delicious and crunchy taste you are looking for. Suitable for parties/occasions or even if topped on anything!
Ingredients: Sugar, corn, corn syrup, combination of palm olein and palm oil. 


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