EinStylo Educational Arabic Speaking Bag for 3–7 Kids
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EinStylo Educational Arabic Speaking Bag for 3–7 Kids

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What are Educational speaking bags?

Today, educational bags teach the child more than a teacher. It's the Arabic Language. It is directed to children from 3 to 7 years. This educational bag has been designed in a very exciting and interesting way, which incites the child to think and learn Arabic quickly.

How the bag could help the child?

  • Basic Language Skills: The bag converse with the child, asking and answering questions, helping them learn new vocabulary and practice forming sentences within stories.

  • Speaking and writing: It incorporates reading and writing games into its dialogue to improve the child's ability of acquiring Arabic pronunciation and writing system.

  • Basic Grammar: Studying grammar is a bit tedious task for adults and children, therefore, incorporating them into games would make it easier for the child to grow up recognizing grammar patterns easier.

How many items are within the Arabic-speaking bag?

It includes some books, stories, and educational posters:

  • Arabic is my language (3 to 5 years).
  • The story of REMA.
  • The story of The Ant Nam Nam.
  • The story of Nada and the colors.
  • The story of Hassan and Numbers.
  • The story of Ahmed and his relatives.
  • Arabic Alphabet teaching chart.
  • Songs chart.
  • EinStylo's Reader pen.

We are sorry, the reader pen is not available anymore!