Iselitas Lightly Salted Thin Plantain Chips Jar 650g 22.93oz
Iselitas Plantain Lightly Salted Chips Jar 22.93oz
Lightly Salted Plantain Chips, Family Sized, 22.93oz
Iselitas's Plantain Chips
Thin, Crispy, and Crunchy Plantain chips, Banana Chips
Iselitas Banana Chips Lightly Salted
Salted Plantain Chips, Banana Chips from Iselitas
  • SKU: iselitas-salted-sweet-jar-650g

Iselitas Lightly Salted Thin Plantain Chips Jar 650g 22.93oz

$13.99 USD

When was Iselitas founded?

It was founded in 1983 by the patriarch of the family, Roberto Weill. The Weill Group of companies has its origins in the production, distribution, and export of fresh tropical fruits from Venezuela.

Iselitas are known for their high quality of fresh fruit in general and plantains in particular.

What are plantain chips?

Plantain chips are made of bananas; basically, they are slices of plantain, traditionally deep-fried and sprinkled with salt. But this one is lightly salted.

Why Iselitas's plantain chip jar?

  • Less Fat: It contains 30% less fat than regular potato chips and crunchy, distinctive slices. It makes it a great alternative and healthier than regular chips.

  • Great for Parties: it's your best option for multiple servings! This delicious product allows you to share it with family and friends; close it back up to continue enjoying it while keeping it fresh.
  • Healthier Alternative: They are Gluten free, have less sodium, fewer calories, more dietary fiber, and more potassium.

  • Family Sized: It's enough for all family members. The wonderful and crunchy taste of thin slices of fresh bananas with a little salt gives them the characteristic flavor of bananas and plantains. 

  • Thin and Crispy: They are crunchy, thin, and crispy, distinctive slices to bring entertainment to the show.

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