YAME Jelly Sticks TikTok Assorted Flavors 40 Pcs 56.44 Oz
Jelly Sticks TikTok Assorted Flavors 40 Pcs 56.44 Oz
Jelly Straws Assorted Flavors 40 Pcs 56.44 Oz TikTok
Yame Jelly Pudding Straws Assorted Flavor Pudding Tiktok 56.44oz Jar
Yame Jelly Pudding Straws Tiktok Assorted Flavors 40 Pcs 56.44oz
Yame Jelly Pudding Straws Assorted Flavor 56.44oz
Yame Jelly Straws Assorted Fruit Flavor 54.44oz
Yame Pudding Straw Assorted Flavor Tiktok Candy 56.44oz
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YAME TikTok Jelly Straws Assorted Flavors 40 Pcs 56.44 Oz

$7.99 USD
Having a TikTok challenge? Birthday? Want to have fun slurping up some jello with your family?

No worries; a Yame jar is all you need!
We all wanted something to remind us of our childhood, right? So, you can think of Yame Straws/puddings as lovely treats that let you go back in time, when things were pretty fun and clear!

In a nutshell, Yame straws/puddings are so sweet with bursting fruity flavor! They are jello noodles pretty much, but way better than regular jello!! They are cheap, taste wonderful, and have a variety of flavors to choose from. Basically, they're fun to slurp up, easy to open, and yummy!

Just keep them on hand for a little snack/treat, since it’s always fun to try something kids enjoy, right?

They are such a fun addition to the kid's lunch box and to share with friends at school. But the thing is that these are best as tiny jelly freezer pops. So, if you aren't freezing them, you are eating them wrong! So, before having them, make sure they are frozen enough for a thicker and bolder taste!

You can even pair them for a new flavor, and you’ll be amazed at how amazing the new taste is!

Always come in an eco-friendly 40 PCs Jar since you can reuse the container again, like using it for storage or putting some plants in it!

Please keep them in the refrigerator or in a dry place; they should not be exposed to sunlight or poor storage to ensure they remain valid.

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