LaBayamesa || Caribena Coco - Leche | Coconut candy | brown coconut candy | 5 Oz (141gm)
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LaBayamesa || Caribena Coco - Leche | Coconut candy | brown coconut candy | 5 Oz (141gm)

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LaBayamesa  (Coco - Leche) Coconut candy sweet, rich and delicious coconut with a wonderful brown color, use it to make delicious desserts such as copelia panelitas de coco - leche coconut candy  and leche de almendras y coco, delicious dessert, Coconut candy melts in your mouth, delicious Coconut candy rich in vitamins suitable for the body, organic and delicious coconut candy It is known that Coconut is useful and rich in vitamins that strengthen the hair as it provides the body with energy and helps improve the digestion process Zimfed for the skin and hair You can eat it alone or add it to cakes or sweets and add it and prefer the delicious taste of coconut, it tastes delicious and rich in the distinctive flavor of coconut that meets with every bite, it can be That coconut be used in cooking, suitable for children and adults, rich, delicious and easy to eat Enjoy delicious juice that slips in your mouth while you eat. Net Weight: 5 oz. (141 gm.)

Key Features:

  • Eat LaBayamesa (Coco - Leche) Coconut candy dessert now it has a wonderful taste, a delicious dessert that can be eaten alone or in addition to other ingredients, the wonderful and delicious taste of coconut with its attractive brown color makes you feel your desire to eat it, as it has a wonderful taste.
  • LaBayamesa (Coco - Leche) Coconut candy, a delicious dessert with a wonderful taste, the delicious flavor and the delicious taste of delicious coconut, rich in vitamins that nourish the heart.
  • LaBayamesa (Coco - Leche) Coconut candy can be used in cooking, you can add it to all your distinct recipes that need this wonderful and 100% natural product.
  • What distinguishes LaBayamesa (Coco - Leche) Coconut candy, you can eat it on its own or add it to cakes or desserts to make it distinct from others in serving the different sweets that need coconut, its rich taste with delicious juices inside makes your dishes taste delicious and sweeter.
  • LaBayamesa (Coco - Leche) Coconut dessert is nutritious, delicious, and beneficial to the body, good for bowel movement and facilitating the digestive process, everyone loves to eat coconut rich in delicious juice that appears in your mouth with every bite, as it is delicious, useful and delicious.