EinStylo Little Red Riding Hood Story in Arabic for 7–11 Kid
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EinStylo Little Red Riding Hood Story in Arabic for 7–11 Kid

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How do I teach my kids Arabic?

Arabic children's books are a great way to tell your kids stories. It's actually a fun and educational way that helps build vocabulary, comprehension, and listening skills.

What's the Leila and the Wolf story all about?

The story of Leila with the red hoodie is about a girl who is tricked by a wolf. Wrongly, she had been convinced that the wolf was actually her grandmother. The story develops the child's imagination and tells him not to trust strangers easily. The story is in Arabic and contains a lot of great meanings in its content, but it also delivers to the child the required concepts easily, so parents can also read it to children as a bedtime story.

Arabic stories for kids have a great impact on the child's learning style

Linguists suggest telling your kids stories, especially when they learn about wonderful ideas, places, and creatures that they have never encountered before. In general, stories do develop the child's personality and critical thinking compared to their classroom mates. The goal is to make the learning experience enjoyable so that they will stay interested and motivated.

At what age should kids learn Arabic through stories?

Language acquisition happens the moment they listen to or are exposed to the language, so if you are concerned about teaching your kid Arabic, it's better to do it as soon as possible. Thus, the faster they listen or read, the easier it's to acquire the language. 

If you are from the Middle East or have some heritage, it's better to teach your children Arabic at an early age, so they won't get into difficulties later on.

ISBN (barcode): 6253503518211.
Publisher: Einstylo. 
Author: Einstylo Team. 
Binding: Paperback.

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