EinStylo Home and School in English and Arabic for 3–7 years
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EinStylo Home and School in English and Arabic for 3–7 years

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Reading with the child

Reading with the child helps strengthen the bond between the child and his parents.

What does a child learn?

With My Home and School, the child learns about things surrounding him, whether at home or at school. Through the pictures inside the book, he gets to know these things, their names, colors, uses, and locations. Thus, it develops the child's cognitive skills. The book also explains tools, clothes, and furniture, as well as some tools that are used in reading and writing, as well as cooking tools that are used in the kitchen and other things and tools that we use in our daily lives. 

My Home and School book is available in both Arabic and English, so he can comprehend both.

What are the benefits of reading to children?

  • It helps children learn and develop a relationship with the world.
  • Understand feelings and emotions.
  • Explore narratives, art, history, and so on.
  • Improve focus.
  • Improve vocabulary.
  • Improve academic performance.
ISBN (barcode):6253503517689.
Publisher: Einstylo.
Author: Einstylo Team.
Pages: 16.
Binding: Paperback.

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