Oven Delights Strawberries and Cream Danish 4oz
Oven Delights Strawberries and Cream Danish 4oz
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Oven Delights Strawberries and Cream Danish 4oz

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What is Oven Delights Strawberry Cream Danish?

It’s a Strawberry and Cream Danish that has been crafted using the finest ingredients. Bite into the flaky layers of our Danish pastry and discover the burst of fresh strawberries and creamy filling inside!

Each batch of these Danish pastries is carefully handcrafted by skilled bakers. Who start by using wheat flour that is enriched with essential nutrients such as ascorbic acid, niacin, and riboflavin. This ensures that the danish is not only taste amazing but also provide a great nutritional value.

Made using margarine to achieve the perfect texture and buttery flavor.

We take allergens seriously. Made with care in a facility where wheat, milk, tree nuts, eggs, and soy are used.

Why Choose Oven Delights

Speaking of pastries, quality always matters. Therefore, here are the reasons:

Freshness: Is the key to a great tasting pastry and that's why they are made completely from scratch, using fresh ingredients and traditional baking techniques.

Attention to Detail: From the precise measurements of the ingredients to the meticulous folding of the dough.

Flavorful Combinations: The sweetness of the strawberries complements the richness of the cream, creating a flavor profile that is both delicious and memorable!

Customer Satisfaction: Since 1986 customers' satisfaction is above everything else. They Always make sure to meet your expectations with every bite.